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No Bad Days

“No Bad Days”, a mantra I have with a friend.  We say it to others but it is a bond between us.  So I was thinking today, really?? no bad days?  Are we being blase about this, a little cavalier?  Surely there must be bad days, everyone has them right?  Car breaks down, someone is sick, a check  bounces, and worse.  Someone dies, a divorce, a heartbreak, things are going to happen and we call those things bad.

But lets think about this. My belief is that EVERYTHING come from a Universal energy source. Many people call it God, Allah, One MInd, Universal Energy, the list goes on, I think my favorite is The Beloved. It does not matter what you call It,  you can call it Sam or Samantha for that matter.  The point is everything comes from Source. And everything from Source is good, everything from Source is Love. So nothing can be bad. 

It can appear bad. But that is a judgement we as humans put on a given situation.   The truth is that life can be painful, sad, scary, lonely, distressing, angry, and more. But are those things bad?  They are lessons.  Everyone of those feelings is the other side of joy, happiness, safety, freedom, well being, loving and more. We have to have that balance in our lives to know the good.  You cannot see light without darkness, the shadows, the intensities, that is what shows us depth, both in our souls and in our lives.

Every time we dig down and survive, every time we surface in gratitude we grow.  We become stronger, wiser and more compassionate.  I can see you, I can see your pain and I know  the pain, anger, sadness, anguish, this IS NOT THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE.  The truth is YOU ARE LOVE,  You (and I) are here to love, to learn, to grow, to teach, to be The Beloved here on earth. And the Beloved does not have bad days.  Hard days, yes, teaching days, yes, growing days, yes.  But these are not bad, they are the experiences that make us strong, wise and human.  They give us balance and take us home.  

So yes, I can say ” No Bad Days”.


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