You are the Sky

Great quote and if you have not experienced Pema Chodron you are missing out.  Today, I am holding this thought in my mind. All the circumstances, the situations, the feelings and emotions: weather.  I am the sky. Bigger than all of that. Yesterday I let the world swirl me around a little.  I did take control and ended up where and how I needed to be.  But I had to consciously work to get there.  Today I seek ease and grace. Today I remember that all of the storms, winds and even the sun are circumstances here to show me life in all its facets.  Headed out now, to be the sky, and to observe the weather dance across my life.



2 thoughts on “You are the Sky

  1. Kimberly says:

    Amazing site! Edge of an Angel is addictive and now a huge part of my day. So much truth and wisdom is here. Security. Guidance. Thank you MSSANDYG. Carry on with your Awesome self.

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