Fall In Love with your Life

Fall in love with your life. At least fall in love with as many pieces and moments of your life you can.  Right now, I am in love with this morning.  Maybe I won’t be in love with this afternoon or this evening, but right now I am in love. And this is the kind of moment that carries me through the difficult or challenging ones.

Fall in love with places: Your favorite coffee shop, bookstore, park, or easy chair. Fall in love with your home, your church, your best friends couch.  Hold these places sacred and speak aloud the love you have for them. These are the places that get us through the uncomfortable spots, the I don’t want to be here ones.

Fall in love with your beliefs, whatever they are. Say to yourself I love that I believe in….. This is what will support you when your ideas and beliefs are challenged. Love helps you stay the course.

Fall in love with people. The list of possibilities is endless; your friends, your family. Fall in love the nice checker at the store or the elderly woman tending her garden that you see all the time. Fall in love with your co worker that makes you feel maybe work isn’t so bad. Fall in love with your children, they are the best of us.  These are the people that help us fall in love with the ones are harder to love.

Fall in Love with your Life.