Daily Life

Sunday is my bridge

Is Sunday morning the beginning or end of a week?  Do I set my intention today for the week ahead or do I gather my lessons from the week left behind and settle them in my mind? I guess it is both. Sunday is like a bridge for me.  I spend time gathering my thoughts and feelings from what I have experienced recently.   I see where there was hurt or dis ease in my life.  I try to figure out why, I try to move past those experiences.  I celebrate the joys and gifts I was given. I have so very many blessings, Sunday being one of them. I learn from those also, as joy and love are the bricks I stand on to reach the good life.   But Monday looms ahead and the world is knocking at my door.  All the “to do’s” return, that is the rhythm of my life right now. So on Sunday I look for peace and reflection, I look for time in nature, I spend time with Spirit, i spend time with those I love, my family, my friends, I ready myself for world.  Yes Sunday is my bridge……….. 


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