Shift happens

Shift happens, something we say in religious science.  Usually it is so small, occasionally it knocks you on your ass.  But for my thoughts today shift happened slowly, easily.  What is my shift..I now think of myself as single and available.  Where did that come from? For so long (years) I have been single.  Simply that,nothing more, not anything less.  But a couple of weeks ago I had to define myself to someone and I said “I consider myself single and available”.  I think that was a first for me. So somewhere, shift happened.  I said it to a couple more people.  Its becoming more comfortable. I believe I am ready to be available. Am I picky, oh you bet.  I am happy with my life and some kind of awesome will have to appear for me to change that, but you know I could change.  I am available and now the universe knows that.  It is scary and freeing at the same time.  Headed out to world today…..single and available. 🙂 


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