Daily Life

The Star of Your LIfe

So I am at the coffee shop last weekend with a friend.  I ask her what she wants, a regular latte. I say ok, I am going to get an iced one. So she says oh well, I will just get iced also. What? Why? Well it will be easier for them. So what, get what you want.  Don’t give up what you want to make it easier for someone else.  Truth is, the barista could care less. My girl got regular, I got iced, everyone was happy.

When did we start doing that? I think it was young.  We grew in an age where you don’t rock the boat, make nice for everyone.  Put others needs first. I am so done with that.  And you know what, when you are with me, you are done with too.  We don’t get to shrink back anymore.  We put ourselves at the front of our lives. 

Here is what I know…if I do not respect and honor myself no one else will.  People will either take advantage of me or feel sorry for me.  Neither of those are acceptable. People will take there lead from me on how to treat me.  If I walk in expecting to be treated decently, and give the same, then that is what I will receive.  Playing small, standing back serves no one.  We lift others up by expecting more and showing the way.

One time a friend said that I was the star of my life.  Well yes, and you should be too.  Is was not an egotistical observation. This is not about me being better or above anyone at all.  It is just that my life, is the most important life to me.  We are here to love each other, learn from each other and interact on a variety of planes, but we truly are individual beings moving through this life. 

So even with the small things, like coffee, get what you want.  Make your choice and own it. Because those small things are the blocks we build our foundations on.  At the end of the day loving and honoring yourself gives you room to love and honor others. 




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