Dancing with the Divine

Neither this body am I, nor soul,
Nor these fleeting images passing by,
Nor concepts and thoughts, mental images,
Nor yet sentiments and the psyche’s labyrinth.
Who then am I?
A consciousness without origin,
Not born in time, nor begotten here below.
I am that which was, is and ever shall be,
A jewel in the crown of the Divine Self,
A star in the firmament of the luminous One. ~Rumi 

Oh how easy is it to forget we are simply Spirit, made of God. We are Divine Mind, the Universal One.  And we cling desperately to our humanness. There are moments we remember who we are, dip our soul into the Infinite and breathe Spirit.  But we flee back to the body, back to the monkey mind, back to the familiar.  Our ego wants to be defined by our belief in our individuality, that we are special, there is no one like me.  When I define as Spirit then I am you and you are me and we are one. There is no separation. We are the fingers on the hand, the waves of the ocean.  Do I become less or more?  It is more, so much more, and yet I cling to my very human nature as a shield, not wanting to lose the little I know of myself.  More and more I am willing to remember who I am and dance with Spirit. 

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