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Changing Roles

I have been thinking lately on how my roles and identity changes and shifts as my life moves forward.  So many of the roles I played during my life seemed have shifted and changed.   I am not sure what is left.  At some point does it get so stripped down that all you are is yourself. Am I almost there?

We identify ourselves often through others.  I have been a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, a friend, a lover, a co-worker.  Those are the big ones. And they have all changed.  My parents are gone, passed now. I am still my parents daughter, but not in a physical way that is active in my life. I am still a mother, my role is different now. My son is grown, he is a man with his own life and he needs me to mother from a distance. Thank the Beloved I am still a sister, that role has held my hand through both amazing and devastating times. But I am not really the big sister now, we are past those days.  I have not been a wife for a long time now, that piece is missing. Can it return, perhaps.  But it will be different. I am not a young woman wanting a family.  I am a grown woman wanting a mate.

And yes, I am still a friend, a lover, co-worker.  All of those morph also with time.  Friends change, move on. The same with lovers, boyfriends, co-workers.  You  still have love for them and a relationship but time changes your interactions with them.   It has to, life moves forward, life creates, that is what Spirit does. So new players come in, your role shifts a little.  Maybe you’re the older wiser friend this time, maybe the younger one.Perhaps you’re the crazy friend, or the one who keeps the balance.  Maybe you are the boss, maybe you are the new employee learning from the ground up.  And lovers, boyfriends, well each time it is brand new. Each relationship brings its own lessons and growth.

So where does that leave me now?  Who is this new person I am growing into?  What new roles are around the corner? Spirit always fills the voids.  The roles I have played have brought me far and taught me much, but there is more to learn and miles to go. So I am readying myself, recognizing the gifts I have been given along the way.  I feel hungry for the new,  Who and what are around the corner waiting on me to appear?




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