Being a Blessing

I was reading a quote this morning on the universe and it being an echo.   One line stuck me “The Universe is not blessing you”….what??? I feel blessed all the time.  I count my blessings,  I say thank you for my blessings.  I am all about being blessed.  So the universe does not bless me, how can this be? And I got it, I am the blessing.  Of course I am blessed.  The universe is responding to me, to what I am giving out.  I am the blessing.  And I forgot that, or I never really made that leap before. Everything in my life is a reflection of me. Of the energy I generate.  So all these blessings I have, wonderful friends, a loving family, a safe home, great memories and dreams for the future, that is all me. I am these things, I am a wonderful friend, I love my family, I created my safe haven, my memories and my dreams.  Everyday I wake and am a blessing in this world.  So when you count your blessings, count yourself.  I am starting with me.


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