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We Have Today

Hello, I know I have been missing the last few weeks.  My best friend, my sister was suddenly taken ill with a life threatening condition.  She has been in Intensive Care for over 2 weeks now.  They sent her to a large hospital over 2 hours away from me.  I am getting ready today to make my 8th trip to the city to see her. I have kind of lost my balance these days.  I work, travel, be at the hospital or sleep. 

I have many lessons going on here. Patience, gratitude, self care, did I say patience?  But right now, today, this is what I am thinking………

You better live your life.  Today, not tomorrow, don’t think you will start living next week, you might not.  And I know it can’t always be the big things.  Yes, if you want to write that book or climb that mountain, start making your plan.  Don’t say someday, START NOW.  Take those baby steps to your dream.

 But here is what we have right now, today.  It is as simple as that.  Watch the sun rise and set. Appreciate that cup of coffee or tea. Make that hug good-by a little tighter.  Be kind to strangers, share your smile. Don’t dismiss or brush off kind words and thoughts that come to you. Take the time to acknowledge them, absorb the love that comes to you. Send it back out. Cherish the time with your family , your children, your parents and grandparents.  Oh my gosh, tell your people you love them.  Do not wait until tomorrow.  Do not think it not important, or that you have time. Maybe you do, but maybe they don’t.  

You and I, we have this day, it is a gift.  I said before “Our only guarantee is our next breath”. That has home to me hard these days.  I get it. I really get it. My best girl is in a fight for her future right now.. She is one of the most optimistic happy people I have ever met. Almost innocent in her joy. I can try to take that lesson and live it in my life.  We are having some hard days, but I intend to find some joy, some laughter, some love in today.  I invite you to join me..




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