Daily Life, Inspiration

I am getting better at living in the moment, or at least in the day.  I guess I have been around long enough to see that most of the worries I carried never came to pass. The the things that knocked me on my ass, worry could not prevent.  I was knocked down anyway.  Still its hard to stay in the moment.  Not to plan or design the future, just let life occur. 

Living outside of the moment means I miss so much of right now.  Yes, its good to look back, have memories and revisit good and bad times.  We can learn from our past, we can feel loved and supported by our past. Every single moment has brought me to who I am today. But only visit, don’t dwell there, life is now.  And the future is the future.  The steps we make today take us there, but there are many ways to arrive.  Let go of pushing the river and flow down with it.  It is a much easier ride.  So here is to today…all of its joys, lessons and paths to tomorrow.  Don’t miss today.

Living in today


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