Jumping in…………

So here goes my first post, starting seems to be the hardest part.  For awhile now I have thinking of starting up a blog.  I’m on Facebook but that doesn’t to be the place for me to expand on what I want to share. I try to keep Facebook  light, fun and a little inspirational, but nothing too heavy. Here I want to dig a little deeper. This  is  the strange thing, I have not told a soul I am doing this.  I think I need a little anonymity to speak freely.  At least for now, until I get my feet wet.

A little about me….  I am a woman in my 50’s, living in a small town in Northern CA.  Born and raised  here.  I am single and have been for about 20 years now.  Single as in I live alone and take care of my own support.  Not single as in no boyfriends or lovers.  Those come and go (more later on that I’m sure).  I have one son, grown and independent, he also lives in the same area.

I love my family, I love my friend’s, I love my life.  And I have some things to say……So check back now and then and see whats fallen out of my head onto my blog.  Peace out my friends.


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